1998 SchwabLINK Mutual Fund Trading
Trading Mutual Funds online presents a unique and complex process requiring an easy to use interface. In addition, SchwabLink Web trading requires functional consistency between the sending Investment Manager and receiving SI Trader. This presentation highlights the development of the User Interface design for the Mutual Fund Trading application modules. Click on a link below to enter the specific presentation of the UI design.
UI Innovations
IM Trading
An overview of the web-based Mutual Fund trading module designed for the Investment Managers. This text and graphic presentation represent 6 months of exploration and development of over 45 different features and functions of the IM trading application.
Usability Tests for IM Trading
An interactive usability test that steps a user through the process of making different types of Mutual Fund trades. Three separate testing scenarios, performed on 9/30/97, were used to examine over 30 features of the IM trading module.
SI Trader: Back End Screens
An overview of the UI design of the trading application for Schwab Institutional Traders. The presentation defines and illustrates the functionality of the Back-End screens to be used by trading desks in Denver and Phoenix.

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